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Fidelity Insurance

Fraud Protection Insurance is generally only available for companies with a definable employee structure and as a part of cover which also includes elements such as liability, property or stock.

Employee fraud is becoming increasingly common at all levels of business, but Fraud Protection insurance now offers protection for your organisation against losses from fraud or dishonesty by employees.

Employee fraud can occur whenever cash or goods are changing hands. The type of fraud committed depends on the nature of the business but typically it can involve any of the following:

  • Voiding cash registers
  • Theft of cash or materials
  • Kickbacks from contract employees or contractors
  • Diverting cheques
  • Fictitious invoices and suppliers
  • Forgery
  • Overstated billings
  • Misuse of company assets

Dishonesty and fraud can never be eradicated but, if you have the right insurance cover, the risk is reduced dramatically. For more information on our Fraud Protection insurance services please contact our Specialist Team:

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