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Performance Bond Insurance (UK Only)

Performance Bond insurance is a policy issued to Contractors to guarantee against the failure of the other party to meet obligations specified in a contract. It is designed to protect the main contractor if the sub contractor fails to construct according to the specifications in the contract, the project/property owner is guaranteed compensation for any monetary loss.

Payment from the performance bond is available only to the project/property owner. No one else can make claims against it. In order for a performance bond to be effective, the contract must be specific about the work to be done. A contractor cannot be held accountable for vague descriptions that are open to interpretation.

The Bond will generally be as a percentage of a contract value and as an indemnity to the main contractor at the sub contractors own expense.

An example of where a Performance bond may be required: A contractor may issue a bond to a client for whom a building is being constructed. If the contractor fails to construct the building according to the specifications laid out by the contract, the client is guaranteed compensation for any monetary loss.

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