Futuristic banking security could change the game for hackers

We’re used to having passwords, unique codes and miniature card readers to access online accounts but what’s next in terms of technology and online access?

The introduction of dynamic pins and even iris scanners are being explored but what will the future hold? Whilst new, innovative apps are introduced and technology advances, it’s integral to remember that at the forefront of innovation within this industry is to foil fraudsters and hackers.

Self-Destructing Cards

Want to feel like James Bond? Special polymers being explored by Iowa State University could soon see us carrying cards which can literally melt when a trigger is activated. Had your card stolen? Send a remote signal and your thief won’t believe their eyes as their loot disintegrates.

Selfie Scanning

Biometric scanning is already becoming mainstream – think of First Direct banking which recognises your voice, or the iPhone X which unlocks when you look at it. Last year, TSB became the first bank to use iris scanning on certain models of Samsung phone.

Biometric identification offers 266 unique characteristics, compared to just 40 in a fingerprint. In the future security experts believe we could all be logging on just by looking.

Dynamic PINs

Most of us have trouble remembering a single PIN number, but how about if your passcode, CVV and expiry date could all change at the push of a button? The Da Vinci Choice card looks like a chip-and-pin credit card but also features a small display screen, keyboard, processor and battery. Link your Visa, Mastercard or American Express accounts, then generate a one-time-use PIN or CVV on the card itself – away from prying eyes and tampered ATMs.

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