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Here at Grove & Dean Corporate we offer Commercial Credit Insurance services which covers a company against losses due to unpaid or defaulting payment for services, protecting businesses against the potentially disastrous effects that can occur because of bad debts. These amenities are all dealt with by our specialist team with years of experience allowing them to offer a premium service.

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Commercial credit insurance
Grove & Dean Corporate Insurance offer credit insurance for risk management insurance policies that protect a business against losing earnings due to a person who is in debt to them (debtor) declaring bankrupt or becoming insolvent. Commercial credit insurance can be used to insure all debtor credit, international debts or just certain customer debt.
What is commercial credit?
A commercial credit insurance policy can help a business improve their overall decision making when dealing with credit. It will also help to improve the reputation of the business and financial stability of the business helping to boost the businesses commercial growth.

A commercial credit insurance policy will cover a wide range of clients and will pay a pre-arranged percentage of an unpaid invoice.

Commercial credit insurance essentially protects a business owner against the loss of income to pay their debts and is something that is not available to be purchased by an individual.

What does commercial credit insurance do?
Commercial credit insurance acts as a risk transferring mechanism. The insurance company provides the company who is giving credit to their customer, credit insurance. The insurance company monitors the risk that the customer proposes to not pay back their debt and then subsequently collects the debt from the customer.

What makes up a company’s assets?
Unpaid invoices make up half of a company’s assets and therefore can hinder the inflow of cash and their ability to invest. Commercial credit insurance helps companies with this issue as they can fight against the risk of debt remaining unpaid.

We also have facilities for Fidelity Bonding Insurance.

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    Grove & Dean Corporate Client Testimonial

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