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As one of the UK's leading insurance brokers, our team of specialists has extensive experience in the field of liability insurance.

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Public Liability Insurance

Whether you need public, product or employers' liability insurance, we will be able to find you the cover you need to protect you and your business.

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What is Public liability insurance?

Public Liability insurance is important for business owners as it protects them and their business from third party insurance claims. The payment is normally paid to the third party who has made the claim who is suffering loss and not to the policy holder who the claim is being made against. When the claim is made against the insured, the insurer has the right to defend their client. The legal costs of the defence by the insurer does not affect the policy limit.

Public Liability insurance provides cover against the risk of liabilities made against a business using claims and lawsuits. Public Liability insurance protects business against claims that result from injuries inflicted on others and damage to properties.

Public Liability insurance policies cover legal pay outs and costs where the policy holder will be held legally liable when sued. Some claims are not covered in the policy and If the damage is intentional it may also not be covered.

Different types of liability insurance

Employers Liability is a mandatory coverage for the employers of staff that protects the business from arising liabilities caused by the death or injury of an employed person.

Product Liability insurance is for businesses that make products to sell. It protects businesses who have a policy against lawsuits that are caused due to a death or injury by one of their products.

Professional Indemnity Insurance provides businesses cover against negligence claims.

Commercial Liability Insurance, also to referred to as comprehensive general liability insurance, is a general liability policy that covers the insured for lawsuits that result from injury to employees and damage to public property. It also covers the injuries sustained by others caused by the employees.

Comprehensive General Liability is a form of insurance that is made to measure for any type of business including small businesses, large businesses, corporations, new businesses, organisations and professional bodies. This insurance policy provides coverage for property damage, bodily injury, medical payments, personal injury, advertising injury and premises and operations liability.

An Umbrella Liability policy is a form of extra liability insurance and is designed to protect the insured from major lawsuits and claims and therefore protects their assets. It is classed as extra liability insurance because it provides further coverage above the insureds other insurance policies such as their home insurance and motor insurance.

Specialised liability insurance policies

Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance grants coverage for lawsuits that are created on the fact that professional services fail or professionals failing to carry out their duties. Any professional who offers a service for a fee are encouraged to obtain E&O Insurance, including, lawyers, business owners, accountants and engineers.

This form of liability insurance covers legal expenses, judgement expenses and settlement expenses and the coverage is calculated on the vulnerability of the professionals.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance provides cover and protection for directors and officers who represent large companies against costs and legal judgments that arise from acts that are unlawful, incorrect investments, accidental release of confidential information, gross negligence and other unsustainable errors.

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